Agro Oil Seed & Grain Manufacturing and Reprocessing Unit

This is an up-coming project for the year 2012. The project is a dream project of the respected Chairman Sri M P Singhania to make a mark in global export market of agro oil seed sector. The industry is aiming to use completely imported machines from Buhler Group, Switzerland to provide the market with best ever quality of oil seeds. The objective is to sortex all types of food grains as well as agro oil seeds using optical technique to maintain constant standard quality.

Various products manufactures in this industry would be:
• White Sesame Seeds
  o Natural
  o Hulled
• Lintel
• Rice
• Groundnuts
• Barley

Growth of the unit
The unit is aiming for production from the month of November. Looking towards the demand in quality we are highly motivated from the very first day to go for best machines available for the task. Having thought so, we are eyeing to be technically sound throughout. The key factor to our approach is to abide by the changing technologies in terms of modification when needed.

The point of critical importance to us in this unit would be the cleanliness, hygiene and highly automatic plant with least manpower requirement enhancing negligible material handling.

We would start with the production of White Sesame Seeds Natural and Hulled, and soon catch up with the production of rest of the commodities discussed above. We promise you to provide the best quality product and return you the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The products of the unit will be under the brand name 'PRONATURE'. The name itself speaks about its highly symbolic meaning. Yes, it is true that we are working very true to our motto. The attachment of SINGHANIA Group with nature and environment both professionally and in heart has been from more than last three decades. We have always supported clean and healthy environment by providing products full of nutrition.

Key Features
1. Complete Buhler Made Plant Machinery
2. Complete Buhler Engineering & Infrastructure
3. Optical Sortex
4. Complete Automatic Plant with PLC System as the work interface.
5. Quality Commitment
6. Cleanliness and Hygiene inside the plant
7. Technically sound
8. Promising nature towards modernization
9. Cooperative Staff Members
10. Full support from Management
11. Strong Feedback System
12. Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction.

1. Registration of:
  a. The firm, SINGHANIA Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  b. The brand, PRONATURE
2. A/F Global Export License
3. A/F ISO 22000 Certification
4. A/F HACCIP Certification

Business Overview